I didn’t know how to start this website, so I just picked up the heaviest question. 🙂

First, there are several reason why you shouldn’t… 😛 But I leave these up to you, to your culture from you are coming from, to your personal experience with Romanians, or what you have heard about us and our country.

Romania is an European country, situated at the South Eastern edge of Europe, part of European Union since 2007.  We are bordering the Black Sea between Bulgaria and Ukraine.  Romania also borders Moldova, Hungary and Serbia.

If you are coming from Western Europe you might consider to come by car. In this case you have to plan the trip for at least 10 days, because the distances are not so short to arrive at the borders, and also Romania is a quite big country (is almost the size of UK, and two times larger than Greece, and 2.5 times than Hungary, or almost the size of Texas). Here you have some distance estimates from main European capitals to the most Westerner Romanian city, Arad:

  • from Madrid (Spain): 2800 km – 27h
  • from Oslo (Norway): 2300 km – 24h
  • from London (UK): 2000 km – 20h
  • from Copenhagen (Denmark): 1800 km – 18h
  • from Paris (France): 1800 km – 17h
  • from Amsterdam (Netherlands): 1700 km – 16h
  • from Brussels (Belgium): 1600 km – 15h
  • from Rome (Italy): 1500 km – 15h
  • from Athens (Greece): 1400 km – 14h
  • from Berlin (Germany): 1300 km – 12h
  • from Prague (Czech Rep.): 800 km – 9h
  • from Vienna (Austria): 500 km – 5h
  • from Budapest (Hungary): 300 km – 3.5h