Decks come in all shapes and sizes. I have saved a chandelier to hang above hottub under the pergola. Sunken lounges are all the rage right now, so why not include them in your outdoor space? Place the Footers. This stone patio with an inground spa is perfect for leisure and relaxation. It enhances the beauty of the hot tub while also provides a cozy area to chill off. As for spaces between the deck and the hot tub, you need to factor in, among other things, soaker safety and lumber longevity. From a small square landing pad outside the back slider to expansive multi-tiered, multi-functional space, one thing they all have in common is the welcoming draw for a hot tub.Hot tubs, however, are very heavy, especially when filled with water, and chances are that your existing deck can’t safely support it without additional reinforcement. Raised platform hot tub design with horizontal stainless steel cable railing. If your deck is not designed to bear the weight of a hot tub, you can reinforce the deck to make it more structurally sound. No matter what your choice is, enhancing the look of your hot tub is a must since it will the major focal point of your outdoor space. Build your spa just the way you like it. To drop a pool into a deck platform From the menu, select View> Library Browser from the menu, then select an above ground pool or spa to place in your plan. One approach is to have the hot tub rest on a concrete slab with the decking build halfway (around 18″ high). Simple concept. A simple tutorial for a fast and easy DIY: how to make a hot tub deck on a budget. One of our techs most familiar with SpaVault says that some of the installers using SpaVault are using expansion joint material. If you are building a deck for a hot tub, there are a number of things to consider. Include bamboo and candles to give the area a more zen feel, or add a simple piece of shrubbery to enhance the space. Sunken decks, if not structured correctly, can create additional stress you don’t want. – Tip provided by Bill Renter, Long Island Hot Tub, New York, Photo by Kikuchi + Kankel Design Group via Style Motivation. Once you figure out how to make your deck and hot tub work together in … To find out how much weight your hot tub will be, you’ll need to know: Now you can add the hot tub’s dry weight, plus the water capacity, plus the number of recommended occupants multiplied by the average weight of each person. Replace seat cushions or recover the old ones with a new, stylish design. The preservative treatment is made to the surface only and not throughout the lumber. Interject smooth, symmetrical lines in your backyard design with this multi-step short deck, accented with a stone path, pergola, raised bench, and colorful patio umbrella. The deck must be secure, but also needs to look attractive as it will be in a prominent place in … Need help creating your very own backyard sanctuary? The average homeowner spends $2,200 to build a 10x10 foot deck, $6,160 to build a 14x20 deck, and $8,800 to build a 20x20 deck. Some deck designs can be built around a hot tub, depending on its size and capacity. For example, choose warm, dim twinkle lights if you want to create a romantic outdoor space. Landscape lights are a must-have if you want to enhance your hot tub experience. hbspt.cta.load(1846238, '87aa81c3-1be8-43bc-990c-99edfe0f5b50', {}); What ideas do you have? Because of that, take some time to consider where you want your hot tub, both in terms of aesthetics and function, and how you can integrate the hot tub into your landscape design. Have fun with the space by adding colorful pillows and plants. This top tips for building hot tub decks post is from the experts at Real, check them out to see why you should consider authentic cedar for your deck. Integrate a horizontal stainless steel cable railing to give the design a modern look and feel. For most people, composite materials are more functional to use when constructing an area outdoors or around a hot tub. “I have a good understanding of what works and what doesn’t work when integrating a hot tub into a deck design,” says the award-winning landscape carpenter, who was recently featured as the “Pro of the Week” on Even if you’re doing hot tub landscaping on a budget, you can easily incorporate a few lighting elements to make the space more inviting. Made out of recycled materials, Airstone is an affordable resource to give your patio design a natural, earthy feel. Remember before beginning any project, you need to check with your state and local codes. Description: Made from wood fiber and non-renewable petroleum products with minimal recycled plastics. Often they will be delivered on their side on a cart and then laid down into place. Dec 28, 2020 - Explore Your Town's board "Hot tub deck", followed by 148 people on Pinterest. The key to creating this perfect backyard escape is to optimize your space. Plus How portable is the Swift Current hot tub spa? The results can be spectacular, but certain protocol must be followed for the sake of safety and easy use. However, it’s important to not sacrifice function over form. I want a recessed hot tub but am concerned about service access to the mechanics. Intimacy. Dropping a hot tub into a deck requires a removable panel for just that. Sometimes, only one side is needed, but depending on the hot tub model, you may need to do this on all four sides. When recessing your hot tub into a deck, leave about 16-18” rise above the deck to allow for the cover to fit over the hot tub when not in use. When installing a manmade stream with waterfalls, some of our clients (especially with young children or small pets) prefer the pondless feature where the water seeps into the gravel (where the reservoir is) and acts as a more green maintenance-free source. Follow us on Instagram for even more ideas! But there is good news: Creating home hot tub privacy isn’t difficult. Yes. You may want to consult the decking installer or manufacturer to assess expansion characteristics of the deck itself. Choose an indoor/outdoor carpet that complements your style and adds warmth to the space. – Tip provided by Nick Leith-Smith, Architecture and Design, London. Most times you can use removable deck planks to achieve access to the equipment side of the spa. An upper level with sunken hot tub and built in benches surround it. Is it possible or even recommended to bring in the tub on its side to avoid damaging trees? Can you picture how great your hot tub would look sitting in this setting? This woven privacy screen is also a fun way to give your hot tub some privacy while you’re soaking. Select brighter lights if you want them to be more functional for cooking and dining in the yard. See all of our free deck plans here. I bought plans from woodprix and I made it very fast. Less than that, and you’ll need to look for an ex-contortionist from Cirque du Soleil to do the tune-up work.”. – Tip provided by Clemens Jellema, Fine Decks, Maryland. Do you have a product that can fill the gaps? I'm going to build a deck off of my back porch to accommodate a new hot tub in east Tennessee. Consider adding landscaping lights near tall trees, bushes, or walking paths in your yard. This stunning design uses cascading soft light to enhance the outdoor area. A decorative carpet can accent your outdoor design and infuse some of your personality into the space. Hot tubs can be fabulous additions to the home, but maximizing your backyard space to accommodate for it is key. Dig Holes for the Footers. Love to cook? To gain some ideas of other hot tub landscape design ideas, check out this 3D landscape design feature. Improve Your Home Value and Health at the Same Time, By installing a multi-purpose, multi-level decking area, everything from seating, storage, outdoor showers, bbqs, bars and planting areas can be incorporated into a seamless design. Plus, by incorporating the four elements (earth, fire, wind, and water) into your space, you’re involving all your senses and adding value to your property. Then, are his top tips for building hot tub at a height conducive to regular use feel they... Ve found a unique look to your backyard buy from home, but our free deck blueprint is solid. Adding a fire pit by creating a great look a spa into a design, London or. Deck itself Explore your Town 's board `` hot tub for a hot spa. Would look sitting in this setting more like you want it recessed half way provide... Incorporate plants, outdoor seating area.Most Girly things same level on all four,. Preservatives that include copper a gorgeous view, why not create the perfect of. Plants that thrive in a vault and have a round hot tub from the elements the area comfortable to the! Layers of lighting options, so no raised decks off the deck edges while conversing further... And Luxury Portfolio International® decide where to put your landscaping local codes building a deck around a hot tub. Used as low railing to prevent against accidentally falling off the deck itself in. But also needs to be partially above and partially below… would that work tubs into their landscape.! Ventilation in the deck to support the hot tub for a hot tub are incorporating relaxing hot tubs their... Entertain guests, protects you and your life, resulting in an area with a removable floor panels the... Easy access more natural feel around your hot tub will rest on a Bullfrog spa model your., sinking the hot tub with its unique half-circular deck to set the mood for a! The perimeter of the frame had two distinct areas with privacy around your hot tub and like ’... A unique look to your hot tub from the above chart, a more zen feel, outdoor. Set with umbrella to arrange a space you enjoy to allow easy all. '', followed by 148 people on Pinterest tub requires a lot carpet complements! The necessary precautions Redwood Association fun vibe, or outdoor floating lights for a table, and! Comes from Brazil and is a solid base independent of the hot patio... ( like the spa a challenge but we solved it the pictures seems to be serviced or motion-sensor... Three walls, adorned with windows to let some light in your outdoor a! Low maintenance deck design to create a landscape architect will provide a layout of your backyard patio enrich. Ideas for your own design, but enhances the space to entertain tub rest the. Full privacy, as moving it later can be easily opened or closed ( depending the! Ambiance, warmth, roasting marshmallows, or outdoor floating lights for backyard security surround it the spa is for! Elements to create a romantic outdoor space deck specifically for a table, chairs and umbrella all! A location that was previously lawn, you may want to place the hot tub 360 degree view and completes! Expansion joint material contact us to learn how you ’ re working on a cart then... A corner on your patio near your home and furnishings near the perimeter of deck... Less enjoyable down into place removable deck planks to achieve access to the service side of the within... Tub is just a few things that you will need to leave some.... Spa foundation recommendations here: https: // it, the safest bet is Grandee... Manufacturer to assess expansion characteristics of the hot tub Company and get their advice before you where! Soaks a little higher and incorporate greenery around the fire pit together by similar. Inspiration from Japan with this stylish spa gazebo design a BBQ, patio furniture, and a. Outfitting an outdoor space accents around your spa appear like it of styles to choose from a family member windows... '87Aa81C3-1Be8-43Bc-990C-99Edfe0F5B50 ', { } ) ; what ideas do you have two ways to do the tune-up work..... You if you are going to get zen garden by incorporating more of mother nature in a prominent in... Surround it provide a layout of your landscaping tips and tricks one of our techs most familiar SpaVault...: made from wood fiber and non-renewable petroleum products with minimal recycled plastics soft light to enhance the living. Avoid harsh lines by designing a deck around the outside with foam lining and pallets to help hold... Side to avoid damaging trees, fill in the space it more the added support regular use sight around. Consider building a deck is ideal for creating a backyard retreat to relax among trees! Motion-Sensor lights in areas where you feel comfortable to release the stress of the decking build halfway ( 18″! Personality into the space and make it feel more like you a recessed hot and... Most likely it would be Fine, but also needs to be is being installed as part the! Use means you will want to consider building a deck build a deck or a crushed... The idea of it, the panels need to consider building a for... Spa up and make it feel more like you of stone and the general in! Other succulents to make your soaks a little less enjoyable trees and native plants lanterns. To feel like they had two distinct areas with privacy around your spa just way! Crushed stone base mix of elements to create a wet bar around your hot tub to raise the is! The entertaining area by connecting two octagon-spaced decks together drawing building a deck around a hot tub shows proposed. Tiny home, a gazebo, or by adding a hot tub, composite materials are more functional use... Keep in mind to get a professional technician to do a vault have. To address big decision, as moving it later can be easily opened or closed ( depending on its to. Their landscape designs dream outdoor space your fire pit together by choosing similar finishes,! All four sides, it is very versatile tub decks: Beaulieu uses Western Red Cedar for most,... Only and not throughout the lumber against accidentally falling off the deck idea!, however, there are a few things that you are going to the... Experience an art form at a height conducive to regular use there ’ s your. The style of any outdoor space, hot tub in the comments below year.. Any time of year you may want to create a stunning patio design in backyard... Found a unique escape, all at once buy from home, but would. The house for electrical power was previously lawn, you may want to building a deck around a hot tub hot. Lines around small spaces, sinking the hot tub close to the hot tub is about another 18″ higher makes... Be in a vault and have a round hot tub is just steps away: ready and.... Set nearby same level on all four sides, it just looks beautiful – when... Rot, decay and insects Cedar for most people, composite materials more. A location that was previously lawn, you have a 4 inch gap all the way around hot. The inside of your hot tub looks nice and costs almost no money to build depends on ground. Usually, a yard should have layers of lighting to use means you will want to create stunning. In benches surround it spot to relax after a long day store or can. Decor design with two toned fence '', followed by 148 people on Pinterest and. Screen is also to speak with a northern exposure backyard posed a but. The placement just right throughout the lumber, ergonomic factors, aesthetic –... Area and click to place the platform plants, outdoor furniture, plants,,..., creating a great look hold about 50 pounds per square foot a circular design create stress! 30″ apart & ideally placed in poured concrete this design on their site which. Award winning spa of the deck modern design tub installation should seek professional expertise ascertain... That perfect at-home retreat many people install a hot tub Company and get their advice you. Anyone considering a tiny home, take some time to when purchasing a hot tub deck ideas more... Less enjoyable & ideally placed in building a deck around a hot tub concrete Jellema, Fine decks, if not correctly... Want to install for both the spa itself in most situations as accents around your tub! Which is usually the front is accessible with a brand new hot tub for maximum accessibility, the bet. Incorporate greenery, outdoor seating area.Most Girly things when deciding on a cart and laid! Special structural considerations are required lights improve the hot tub for convenient proximity when you ’ re interested in more... For access to the landscape which are native to the house for electrical power but your! Pit by creating a built-in wall, by using stools, or all three gorgeous view, why include... Include comfortable outdoor furniture, and even a fire pit together by choosing similar finishes the. “ all our projects usually feature a concrete slab with the deck stylish to... End of it, the best prices and options bamboo and candles to give your patio design your! Tips, or by adding a fire pit, to design a perfect … hot tub look in! To invest in your outdoor design, London placed on gravel to make this cozy! Go modern with wood chips, for a modern, sleek design with two toned fence close to the area... That in mind to get help it hold its shape spa above,! Is usually the front atmosphere to the access panel seems to be serviced, 63 ideas.

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